Sunday, 22 February 2009

UWE, NYU, St. Andrews, UEL, Byam Shaw OCCUPIED

Sorry I've not been on top of the blog lately! Here is a quick update on the occupations:

UWE have ended their three day occupation of the atrium area outside of lecture theatres 2B25 and 2B20. They have been negotiating with Vice-Chancellor Steve West and Deputy Vice-Chancellor John Rushforth and won significant demands. Check out their blog.

NYU have posted a statement up on their website which includes details of the ending of the occupation and the arrest that was made.

St Andrews have written a statement expressing their disgust at the treatment NYU students received as well as the treatment that students at Nottingham, Sheffield Hallam and Cambridge suffered. The occupation has received messages of support including one from the Isalmic Univesrity of Gaza.

UEL have also been receiving messages of support from Noam Chomsky and the Friends of CAIS Maloka and ISBO Collective. Please continue to contact their acting vice chancellor Professor Susan Price at or 020 822 34159 and urge her politely to consider their demands.

Manchester are also still struggling to be heard by their Vice Chancellor. They have called a demo on the 4th March at 2pm outside the Manchester Student Union.

Byam Shaw are also entering their third day but seem in good spirits.

Sheffield Hallam has seen the dismissal of Lewie Morris from his Sheffield Hallam Union post.

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