Sunday, 1 February 2009

Protest against the victimisation of students and an uncompromising uni followed by meeting

A protest was held outside the Owen Building against the victimisation of students taking part in the occupation and the fact that the university has been uncompromising in meeting our demands.

Following the protest a meeting was held at the cafe at Furnival building. Speakers at the meeting included John Rees who delivered a talk on Palestine and a message of solidarity from the Stop The War Coalition. There were about 30 attendees, compared with 5 at our initial meeting! This only shows that the momentum in this struggle has gathered pace during and since the occupation.

The meeting was interupted several times by security staff trying to eject us from the cafe. We moved to another seating area only to be told we were not allowed to hold the meeting at Furnival Building by management. The meeting went ahead in defiance.

We decided to organise a public meeting on Wednesday 4th February regarding Gaza, the student occupations and asking where to go next.Venue and time tbc.


  1. well done guys,
    but you should try and get maximum publicity because of the threat of punishment for students . Find a sympathetic councillors and mps in your area, contact the local press yourself and offer interviews, contact the trade unions in the area.

    and make sure more and more students are involved, as they can't punish lots of students

  2. Yeah good luck with that. Still, it's your tuition money, or at least your mummy and daddy's money, so you can go ahead and throw it away any way you like.

  3. What do you want - to take "action" but to be spared the consequences?

    What kind of "action" is that?

    The action of spoiled children, I guess...

  4. Chris C ...
    ..and you continue to enjoy the freedom that was hard fought for by previous generations of young men....

  5. I look forward to seeing your solution to the Gaza problem posted on this blog following your meeting on Feb 4th. Good luck sorting it out, Guys!

  6. ChrisC - Spot on!

    The person trying to guilt trip ChrisC - The freedoms we have were not achieved by morons sitting in one room then getting upset when they get in trouble.

  7. Excellent effort - well done SHU!
    Ignore the sourpuss comments from those who wish they could have an idea; it seems it's ok to have freedom of expression (just so long as you don't use it). I'll be watching this space.

    Grumpy old man

  8. Solidarity from the ongoing occupation at Manchester Uni - they are trying to starve us out here!

  9. Please, Please, PLEASE channel your commitment and energy into doing something much more effective than occupying university buildings!

    Israel is just about invincible militarily...But ECONOMICALLY, they are vulnerable.

    The American taxpayer is no longer in the mood or has the means to bail Israel out as it has done in the past.

    If all you students got friends and families to persuade supermarket shoppers NOT to buy Israeli products - it would hurt Israel where it counts.

    Just persuade people to:
    Avoid ALL products labeled "made in Israel" or "product of Israel".
    Avocados, cherry tomatoes, vine tomatoes, strawberries, mange-tout, oranges, grapefruit as well as many other kinds of produce.

    These are often grown on land stolen from Palestinians - on illegal settlements.

    Let’s SQUEEZE Israel out of: Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, Safeway, Morrisons, Lidl, etc.

    Remember, that in the battle against apartheid, millions of small, individual decisions taken collectively and persistently had a monumental effect.

    If you post an email address on your blog I will send you a pdf of material that will help make EVERYONE an activist in this desperate struggle for Justice for Palestine.