Sunday, 1 February 2009

End of occupation and suspension of students involved

Having left the room after intimidation and complete lack of negotiation by management, outright hostility to our demands and threat of arrests by police, we left.
Having agreed to leave peacefully (in accordance with our exclusively peaceful protest) we were assured by the Univeristy Management that students taking part in the occupation would face no repercussions.
Today we find that many students were told that due to their taking part in the occupation, they are to be suspended from the university; effectively not being able to take part in lectures, examinations and their learning!


  1. The photo makes you look pathetic. One of you appears to be giving the "F*** You" sign. Charming! As for your purple banner, I hate to break this to you, but there's no such place as Palestine.

  2. I don't understand what you mean by "Free Gaza". Can somebody please explain? Israel disengaged in 2005, and the IDF pulled out on January 19th. So I guess you must mean "Free Gaza of Hamas"????

  3. It's noble to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians, and I salute you, but do you mean the Fatah Palestinians OR the Hamas Palestinians?

  4. I just read your demands. Israel must be quaking in her boots.....

  5. I am very proud of Sheffield Hallam students. Shame on the uncompromising university management. I encourage everyone to complain to the secretary Liz Winders and Vice-Chancellor Phillip Jones.
    I hope to see you once again in occupation if the demands are not met.
    United we stand!
    In solidarity

  6. You should all definitely complain about this treatment. Encourage everyone you know to complain too. I can't find the email address of the VC but you could write to him at
    Well done for occupying and making a stand about the situation in Gaza.

  7. Hey guys,
    the Nottingham protestors have just been forcefully evicted as well. But what seemed to have happened at your university appears to be even worse!
    In solidarity!

  8. Some of the people who have left comments on this wall obviously are unaware that gaza is currently under the illegal occupation of the Israeli military, and their continued presence in the gaza strip breaks international humanitarian laws. The HUMANITARIAN crisis in gaza, costing the lives of over 1,300 palestinians, is true for all palestinians regardless of their political allegence, hoewever, this does not mean i condone the actions of hamas, but after all they were voted in democratically and have on the one hand provided some kind of relief and support to desperate palestinians whose day to day lives have been made miserable by the opression of the Israeli military. I would also like to remind people that infact, hamas was initially supported by the israeli and US government trhough financial and military supplies at a time when they wanted to disrupt the peace process and undermine the strength and popularity of fatah.

  9. Hitler was also democratically elected. In fatc, there are huge similarities between Hitler and Hamas.

    Hamas was NEVER ever supported by either the American or Israeli governments. You got your facts wrong, Pal!

    Hamas are shooting in the legs Palestinians who haven't supported them. They are stealing humanitarian aid sent in by the UN, so much so that the UN has withdrawn it. Is that what you call providing releif and support for their people?

    And who has verified the death toll? THEY claim 1300 Palestinans were killed. But where's the proof? Anyway, the majority of casualties were Hamas terrorists, not civilians.

    Also, the Israeli military withdrew on Jan. 19th, so what illegal occupation are you referring to??

  10. like it or loath it, todays university's arent really about being a forum for politics. People from all awks of society come to uni to train and learn. University is about getting the skills to get a job. I think politics needs to move on and occupy new spaces, the ca,pus isnt reall appropriate anymore.

  11. It's nice to see SHU students take a stand on something. When I was at Hallam around 2000, apathy ruled on every political matter (like the Nestle boycott, which was rescinded), and apathy ruled on everything else, to be honest.

  12. I salute you and I am quite shocked to see the managment of SHU treating you like that.
    We have all to contact the SHU administration to complain about that.

    as a Gazan I really appreciate your courage and nobility which provoked some zionists not only in your uni but also here in this blog so that they began to plague it with their ridiculous propaganda.

    dear friends, keep going. I know some of you lost their courses, which is pretty hard, but on the other hand you, are participating in preserving innocents' blood there in Palestine.


  13. how SHU dare to commit such awful thing against its students.
    so many universities allover UK (and more recently even in US) made similar occupations, but no one was punished by being suspended from his/her university.

    where are we? in North Korea?

    Is this what happens when we criticize the Criminal Racist State of Israel (RSI)?