Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hallam Union victimisation UPDATE

The undemocratic disaplinary of Matt Vicary has been postponed until next Thursday as a result of pressure put on the students union from Hallam University students, lecturers and messages of complaint from trade union branches and public.

However, the student union has not recinded the unfounded accusations against him, or the Welfare Exectutive Lewie Morris (who's hearing went ahead today at 5:30pm).

It is clear that the disciplinaries are politically motivated as both Matt and Lewie have been the most outspoken against the governance review, and leading activists in the Free Education and Free Gaza campaigns.

Following the recent Gaza solidarity student occupation of Hallam Uni the student union added another complaint with regards to Matt's suspention. The union refuse to tell anyone what this complaint is! To ensure a fair hearing we demand the union publishes this complaint but ultimately we demand that the students union put an end to this farcical trial and drop all charges against Matt and Lewie and end victimisation at Sheffield Hallam.

It's vital to keep up the pressure on the students union and to continue your support for the Sheffield Hallam students. Please help by emailing Russ Swannack (Hallam Union president) with your sentiments:,

Thank you to everyone for sending messages of solidarity to Matt and Lewie, messages of complaint to the students union and to those who attended todays protest.

In solidarity

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