Monday, 2 February 2009

Press release

Following the eviction of peaceful protestors from Sheffield Hallam University by the police on Thursday 29th January, the Hallam Free Gaza Movement, supported by the Stop the War Coalition and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, is holding a public meeting on Wednesday 4th February, 7pm at Quaker Meeting House, St James Street. The speakers will be Stuart Halforty and Maxine Bowler from the Stop the War Coalition. The meeting will discuss the current situation in Gaza and the national wave of student occupations in response to Israel's actions. It will also be discussing the current victimization of student campaigners at Sheffield Hallam University including the suspension of students for leafletting about Gaza and the refusal of university management to allow the Free Gaza Movement to hold meetings on campus.


  1. I saw LECTURERS leafletting 'Free Gaza' last week on uni premises. How come they are not punished? Was it not 2 lecturers who used the Peak lecture Theatre to give the Free Gaza address last wednesday? I bet you guys wouldn't be so fired up if it weren't for that lecture, eh? Why don't you blame them, then?

  2. What do you mean blame them?! for what?
    There should be NO PUNISHMENTS. Remember freedom of speech?! SHU do not stick by their freedom of speach policies by not allowing leafleting. That's a disgrace!
    Solidarity with SHU students and lecturers.
    May the cause continue!

  3. In response to the guy above, the right to free speech is not absolute. It's qualified. That's why there are laws against inciting racial hatred, inciting religious hatred, stirring up racial hatred, glorifying terrorism, defaming someone, etc. etc. The university also has its own code of conduct, it's own set of rules, which can put further limits on free speech. So get real! Anyway, it's management who are blaming them, not the writer of that post SO ASK MANAGEMENT WHAT THEY ARE BLAMING THEM FOR!!!!! So, if YOU are so supportive of these students, why don't you join them? BTW, you spelt speech wrong......

  4. We've got bigger things to worry about than the correct spelling of speech!
    Free speech should stop at fascism. No one is inciting racial hatred at SHU at all. They are asking for the uni to send their old computers and books to the University of Gaza, to provide scholarships for Palestinian students, advertise the details for the Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza Appeal. Reasonable. Utterly reasonable and very easy for the university to acheive.
    Go to a meeting about the occupations on Wed at the Quaker Meeting House to voice your opinions. I'm sure they would like to hear what you've got to say on the matter.
    BTW, I AM joining the Sheffield Hallam Free Gaza Movement.....

  5. Do you really think those books and computers would actually arrive at their destination? Hamas would probably interecpt them, sell them, and use the money to buy Iranian rockets. Didn't you hear what they did when humanitiarian aid was let in? They SOLD the food to their people instead of distributing it for nothing. BTW, what fascism are you referring to in relation to free speech? Also, why do you think they'd like to hear what I've got to say on the matter???? If you can convince me that I have, I'll happily turn up on Wednesday night.

  6. Whose idea was it to start this blog? I'm really enjoying it!!! This is my first post, but I've loved reading the comments.

  7. We in Bradford are shocked by the way the University has treated you. Please keep us informed and let us know how we can help.

    Yours in Solidarity,

  8. Gonna go and hassle some schools next? How about a nursery or two?

    I mean, there must be little injured Palestinian boys and girls lying there in hospital going, "Yeah, take that Sheffield Hallam University. Now freedom is finally coming."

    Seriously, if you want to change the situation, go to Westminster. This isn't helping anyone.

  9. We are asking the university for change, not the government. Get your facts straight.

    Solidarity around the world makes a difference to the oppressed. Remember the South African Aparthied? Through actions of students, workplaces, boycotts and government pressure etc etc we broke the chains of oppression. We can do the same for Palestine.


  10. 'Government pressure' - key phrase, that.

    This isn't echieving a thing, except getting a load of students suspended.

  11. How about the media coverage on the topic of the UK student occupations:

    The occupations have their attention, your attention. Y'know the SHU Vice Chancellor reads newspapers too. Maybe he'll change his mind knowing the ammount of support the occupations are getting.

    I think the uni is bullshitting with the suspensions. A scare tactic. But it hasn't worked has it. The movement has got stronger. Other universities have met the demands of the students. The Sheffield movement is growING too. WOO HOO!

    Keep up the good work all of those involved!

  12. I understand many of you are young students and have an idealistic view of the world, however, what do you expect when you trespass on university property? Lecturers handing out leaflets is perfectly legal. You could have done the same. You must understand that if the university does not make an example of you it becomes open season for anyone wishing to take over university property in the future. The university has acted correctly in my view.

    In the future, protest against anything you find disagreeable in a legal way. It will not get you into the trouble you are now in.

  13. The university is in a strong position of power. Students are not. An occupation puts the students at a similar level of 'power' (for want of a better word). It is your legal right to protest and protest they did.
    It is perfectly legal for students to leaflet however SHU have a policly (which contradicts its own freedom of speech policy) which does not allow students to leaflet for ANY cause on university turf. Change your policy SHU!
    The occupiers want the university to listen to its students. They don't want to have to occupy a lecture theatre to do that! The university should listen to the students then occupations wouldn't happen.

  14. The university should listen to the students then occupations wouldn't happen.

    Do you mean "do what the students say"?

    Grow up.

    You sign up to the rules, you break the rules, you pay the price.

  15. if u all want to protest join the army and protest over thair see how long u will last

  16. this is not freedom of speech when you have to approve it