Thursday, 29 January 2009

Threats of Eviction

A quick update on the situation.

We have been told by the University administration that they want us to leave at 9pm this evening and will involve the police if we refuse to leave.

They have refused all of our demands, and specifically refused to grant an amnesty to all participants. At this time we do not know what this means as far as consequences brought by the university against Hallam students.

The group will be making our decision on whether we will continue the occupation closer to the time.


  1. do what you must, but don't let the event put you off fighting for justice in the future.

    your uni has taken a particularly draconian approach which is the exception to what has been the norm of civility between the two.

    It may be worth pointing out the above to the college adminstration.

  2. Yes do what you have to do. If the Police come at 9 try to get someone there with a video camera. Have you thought about asking Sheffield Live (community Radio) to come down for a session about what your aims are etc Good luck and all the best.


  3. take advice at its true

  4. We're with you in solidarity!
    All you have done, or all they can say you have done is trespass. You'll get a hearing, maz fine £100, but honestly, few are ever charged, and if there are a few of you - what are they going to do?!!
    Remember this is about Gaza - first and foremost.
    Do what you will.
    Please don't get hurt by the polizie!!

    Never give up on activism and the power the people have

    Peace be unto you all