Friday, 30 January 2009

Join the Free Gaza Movement

Tommorrow we will be leafleting from 12:00 at the heartspace cafe (Owen level two), the meeting will be at five (back in 1037).


  1. Glad to hear you are still occupying. Let us know how it's going.
    If you'd like to get in touch directly with us so we can keep people informed of how things are going for you then email us at info(at)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. It wont though will it as you've been kicked out and they arent letting you back in! Instead of wasting your time trying to get an institute like SHU inivolved in something that has nothing to do with them, why not get some soap have a wash and do some proper work. Atleast have realistic demands seriously do you know how stupid you look?

  3. Listening to the conversations of staff at Hallam yesterday, a lot of them didn't sympathise at all. I found it difficult to sympathise too, despite being heavily against the Israeli action in Gaza. The usual "the workers and students of Sheffield decided etc" rhetoric puts me off for one, 30 people in a university of 30,000 and a city of 500,000 does not make a mandate of the people. A committed bunch of activists yes, revolution, no.

    But my question is, what can Sheffield Hallam practically do?

    The blockade of Gaza makes getting anything to Gaza incredibly difficult and expensive. Given things in this country are costly anyway sending old IT equipment and books is unlikely to really be a goer, it would be far cheaper to raise the money here and donate it so they can buy stuff over there.

    Why should the application and tuition fees for Gaza be different from Chechens (battered by Russia), Kurds (battered by Turkey), Haitians (battered by the US), Congolese (battered by everyone) etc etc?

    The ideas about allowing poster space for campaigns, leafleting for campaigns as well as events, charity collections, and twinning with Gazan universities to provide support they need are great. But how would an occupation acheive that?

    I would suggest setting up a group of academics and students, forming links with Gaza and the PSC, putting continuous pressure on the University to allow charity and campaigns. An occupation of a small minority will not get to the people at the top, there needs to be a much wider platform of people putting proposals through that offer the University a way of 'looking good'. That said, if you do manage to occupy Adsetts, best of luck.

    My 2p

  4. Personally, I feel that after the display today from the security officers and after what happened with the occupation that Hallam University have disgraced themselves. Universities are a forum for discussion, to allow people from all opinions and disciplines to exercise what they believe in the way the feel suited. For example would you say to a Muslim that its fine to pray, however you cannot do it five times a day??? It is stupid that Hallam feel they have to try and conform their students opinions and actions.
    I think I also heard the speaker say that students have been suspended from university. Back home i have put off my two sisters and my cousin from applying to a strongly right winged university such as Hallam. I think that people before they come to university should have a look at what democracy structure the university has and think - do I want to come here? I know for a fact that I regret choosing Hallam.


  5. Haha. What? Hallam, like ANY university, is a business. The sit-in is interfering with business, which is why the protesters will get kicked out.

    No opinions or voices are being stifled - just voice your opinions the proper way, and try to build a good relationship with the uni that benefits both parties.

    This whole thing smacks of little kids playing at being revolutionaries, and it's pretty embarrassing.

  6. Playing at revolutionaries?

    I'm sorry, exactly what in our demands was revolutionary?

    The demands put forward by the occupation, so far supported by all students I have engaged in any kind of conversation, were in reality perfectly moderate and reasonable.

    Many universities across the country have given in to these exact demands, despite their unfortunate status as a business.

    Sheffield Hallam university management has proved itself particularly reactionary, draconian and right wing as well as racist.

    I would noy however say that I regret choosing Hallam, whilst the management massively failed the people of Gaza I was proud and impressed by the actions of the students and I hope we can take this movement on.


  7. You have a ridiculous concept of reality. Why would an education business agree to give free courses to an entire nation?

    Instead of playing the victim, why don't you try to seriously engage your university and the students union in a rational, mature discussion?