Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Press Statement from Hallam University Occupation.

With the success of occupations throughout the UK, Sheffield Hallam students and workers from around the city voted to occupy the tenth floor of the Owen building. This is to make practical demands of the university in solidarity with Palestinians and to condemn the actions of the Israeli state.

The following demands were democratically agreed upon:

1) Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) to release a statement of condemnation of the Israeli state’s attacks on Gaza

2) SHU to provide scholarships for Gazan students and waive all current applications and tuition fees for Palestinian students.

3) SHU to twin with the University of Gaza, sending old books, computers and other equipment to the University of Gaza.

4) The ban on flyering and posters on campus to be lifted immediately allowing students to organise and allow free speech, in line with the University's current no-platform policy against fascists.

5) To have posters advertising the details for the Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza Appeal on all notice boards around the university.

6) No victimisation of students or staff supporting the occupation in any form.

We ask people to support our peaceful protest. We welcome messages of solidarity and encourage anyone who wishes to join the occupation to do so.


  1. excellent guys!! get working on the blog and add links to all other occupations!

    publicize publicise publicise

  2. Victory to the people, victory to the Palestinians, Victory to Gaza!

    Stay strong.

  3. linking up the occupations:

    peace + solidarity, R.

  4. congratulations from Bradford -

  5. Solidarity from Cambridge. Keep up the fight.

  6. Well done guys.
    Solidarity and support from

  7. Yes! - solidarity forever. Well done all.

  8. Having just visited the occupation I have to say... a sterling effort from all the ladies and gentlemen involved

  9. soas salutes all the brave students standing up for what they believe in. In the words of
    Bonolo Woracker, NUS Black students commitee and general legend:

    Students need to take a stand, do something or say something. Do whatever you can to get your voice heard.

    ‘You may not be able to change the direction of the wind but you can send your message in that direction.’

    Peace in the Middle East,

    In solidarity...SOAS occupiers

    Remember, what you are doing is perfectly legal.Contact me for more info on this if you need to.

  10. Very proud of you all for the good work!

  11. Solidarity from Oxford. You are not alone in your fight.

  12. well done! we need more peeps like you guys.

  13. I think maybe you should have thought harder when democratically choosing your demands.

    Most of them are completely unrealistic and demand #4 appears to contradict itself?

    Nice try, I'd give you a generous C+.

    Now I suggest you get back to work and get some proper grades!

  14. It will be a cold day in hell before SHU agrees to any of those 'demands'.

  15. Nice one guys keep it up. I'll get an official statement from the cambridge meeting tommorrow.

    Would you like us to send some people to come and talk to you.


    Cambridge Gaza solidarity

  16. Hallam Gaza sit-in ends

    GalleryPublished Date: 30 January 2009
    A STUDENT sit-in at Sheffield Hallam University protesting against Israel's invasion of Gaza ended peacefully after police were called to the scene.
    The protesters occupied rooms on the tenth floor of the Owen building in the city centre, with 20 staying on the premises the previous night.

    The students want the university to condemn the attacks on Gaza and provide scholarships for Gazan students.

    The occupation ended soon after the police arrived and Hallam say they will not be taking disciplinary action.

  17. Whats Gaza done? Did he beat his wife again?

  18. I think you guys should leave Gaza alone, we all know he has his problems but please try to remember him as the great player he was!

    Peace x