Thursday, 29 January 2009

First night stay and mid-morning negotiations

After a "comfortable" night nestled on the tenth floor, negotiations have begun.

Management have not caved in yet, and despite the fact we told them they could use the room for lectures they have relocated all room bookings.

The large banner displayed on the side of the building has attracted the attention of the public and a couple of photographers. We have released the previous press statement to as many local journalists as we can.

We have two events planned for today and have begun to publicise for them.
  • The first is a teach-in at 15:00, with a Hallam Academic discussing the parallels between South Africa's apartheid state and the situation in Palestine.
  • This will be followed by a screening of the film La Haine at 18:00.

We have received several messages of support, amongst them are:

  • Sheffield Trade Council
  • South Yorkshire UCU
  • Sheffield Stop the War Coalition
  • Rotheram Stop the War Coalition
  • Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Bradford University Occupation
  • SOAS Occupation
  • Oxford Occupation
  • Nottingham Occupation
  • South Yorkshire NUJ


The Hallam occupiers x

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  1. The Free Gaza movement send our full support to the Hallam occupiers. Free Gaza is an international human rights movement which in August 2008 sent the first boat to break the siege of Gaza and the first international boat to enter Gazan wates in 41 years. Would you like a speaker or a DVD of attacks on Gazan fishermen during the so called ceasefire in 2008?