Thursday, 29 January 2009

Threats of Eviction (cont...)

It is past the nine o'clock deadline and we are still here!!!

We have been repeatedly threatened with police action but have decided that we are going to stay despite this.

Management continue to delay and employ intimidating tactics against occupying students and workers

Check for future updates.


  1. Nice one guys!!!
    keep it up!
    remember the messages of appreciation from gaza
    remember what this is about!
    nothing is illegal - trespass and not even that
    solidarity from bradford
    n.b. have you spoken to local mps? cos our was awesome...


  2. Hey Guys,
    As a student at Sheffield Hallam I just want to say how proud I feel that you have done this and at the same time how ashamed I feel of our administration.
    I came down after work at about 10pm and the banner was gone so I assume that they finally used force to remove you.

    It is such a shame that the University has no respect for its students and has the audacity to threaten you with police action without even negotiating.

    Keep Going


  3. Article in the star about this:

    Have fun guys!!!

  4. so the occupation is over??? any offical word on this?

  5. P.s is absolutly stupid the comments people have made on that star article

  6. I would just like to say that I really hope Hallam does not cave into your ridiculous demands like other universities have.

    Hallam has nothing to do with the Palestinian conflict.

    I once met Matthew Vickery at a previous protest about Iran (he wasn't protesting - just discussing, like me). At the time I thought he made some fairly logical points. How he has became involved in this pathetic display I do not know.

  7. Smile folks, you're on the front page:

  8. 'Mark', while the University has no connections with Gaza, and while as an individual I bear no political apethy to either side in the conflict.I wish you would take into account that innocent people are dying as a result of this conflict...not soldiers, not politicians, but normal people who want nothing more than to lead their lives.

    Is it too much to ask that the university allows "No victimisation of students or staff supporting the occupation in any form", including collecting aid for our fellow human beings at the other side of the world?

    Is it too much to ask that we send some of our old IT Hardware, Books, Videos or Resorces to help these people?

    I am quite frankly appalled by our universitys reaction to the past few days incidents.
    It's bad enough that the BBC wont show appeals for aid without the achademic institutions of this country following suite.

    Throughout my time as a student at Sheffield Hallam I have been privelidged to come into contact with some of the most inspirational people (both lecturer's and students) I have ever met. It seems to me that the University is happy to promote knowledge, freedom and understanding whenever it is looking for new applicants, but once it's students begin to exhibit independent thought (and actions) it adopts a draconian approach.

    I only hope that at the very least the students who are responsable for this act are not penalised, they are exhibiting the very moral fibre that this country lacks at the moment.

    As for any members of the Universitys administration reading this, I would ask you to take into account that Tony Blair himself attended many CND (Campaign for Nuclear Dis-armourment) rallys. So, If in 10 years time, you truly wish to have 'Notable Alumni' please do not punish your fee paying students for standing up for what they beieve in.


  9. Unfortunatly the Students' Union has taken part with the university to stop people joining in with this movement.

    If i overheard correctly they where threatening to ban anyone involved from running in the upcoming Union elections.

    Also there is one Executive Officer that i recon didn't join in out of fear of loosing thier posistion. Following recent events with other Officers.

  10. There's nothing more dangerous than idiots with a cause eh?

  11. What the hell? Go and occupy 10 Downing Street or the Houses of Parliament, then something might actually happen.

    Nobody cares that you are trying to bother Sheffield Hallam, the people dying and suffering in Gaza certainly don't.

  12. Personally, I feel that after the display today from the security officers and after what happened with the occupation that Hallam University have disgraced themselves. Universities are a forum for discussion, to allow people from all opinions and disciplines to exercise what they believe in the way the feel suited. For example would you say to a Muslim that its fine to pray, however you cannot do it five times a day??? It is stupid that Hallam feel they have to try and conform their students opinions and actions.
    I think I also heard the speaker say that students have been suspended from university. Back home i have put off my two sisters and my cousin from applying to a strongly right winged university such as Hallam. I think that people before they come to university should have a look at what democracy structure the university has and think - do I want to come here? I know for a fact that I regret choosing Hallam.